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The Fresh Lake Whitefish Company
We primarily sell fresh and smoked fish at farmers markets in both Flint and Lansing, Michigan.  Our goal has always been to provide high quality fresh fish to consumers at affordable prices.

Throughout most of the world, either people traditionally catch the fresh fish they eat, or they purchase their fish at outdoor markets.  In the Great Lakes basin, purchasing fish at outdoor markets was traditionally unheard of.  We began selling fish at farm markets in 2007.
All the fish we sell are wild-caught from the Great Lakes, we sell no pond-raised or aquaculture fish.  Supplies of fish vary weekly and seasonally depending upon weather and fish movements, thus in order to maintain a steady supply we purchase fish from multiple commercial fisheries each week.
The products we sell include fresh or frozen boneless fillets, whole fish, smoked fish in either whole, chunked, or filleted form, and caviar.

​​Maple River Glass Works

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Fresh Lake Whitefish Company 

The Fresh Lake Whitefish Company

Maple River Glass Works
For the past 17 years I have been obsessed with stained glass and concrete. I try to incorporate something recyclable into all my art work.  I make wind chimes from old wine and liquoir bottles and turn old windows in to beautiful mosaic stained glass objects.
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We have integrated our personal and professional lives together to create a business venture in fish, handcrafted items we have made, and many of our favorite farm market products