Lake whitefish are a member of the “Whitefish” subfamily of fishes that include cisco, round whitefish, and chubs in the Great Lakes.   Lake whitefish are an abundant native species to the Great Lakes and inland lakes of Canada and are a favorite food of many people because of their delicate, flaky white meat and mild flavor.  Our lake whitefish come from the Keweenaw Peninsula, Munising, and Whitefish Bay areas of Lake Superior, Big Bay de Noc in northern Green Bay of Lake Michigan, and northern Lake Huron from the Straits of Mackinac east to Drummond Island and south to Alpena. Whitefish flesh is high in Omega-3 essential fatty acids such as DHA and EPA which help reduce inflamation, prevent memory loss, and are essential in brain and eye development in fetuses.

Lake trout  we sell are wild-caught in northern lakes Huron and Michigan.  Lake trout are distributed throughout the northern hemisphere in typically cold, clear lakes, and they do best in lakes with little human influence.  Lake trout flesh is oily, ranges in color from yellow to red, and the meat is flavorable, delicate and flaky.  Lake trout flesh is also high in Omega-3 essential fatty acids.  Grilled lake trout is a tremendous tasting fish, particularly if coated with a little barbecue sauce!

Walleye we sell come from northern Lake Huron, primarily in the Straits of Mackinac area.  Almost all the walleye caught in northern Lake Huron are produced naturally in Great Lakes tributaries.  A surprising number of walleyes caught in the Straits of Mackinac spawn in the Saginaw River system, but move out of the river almost immediately after spawning and migrate to the Straits where they live most of the summer and fall before returning to Saginaw Bay to spawn in the spring. Grilled walleye fillets coated with lemon juice and lemon slices on a cedar plank can’t be beat!

Yellow perch we sell come primarily from Canadian waters of Lake Erie, although some come from the Straits of Mackinaw area.  Yellow perch are abundant in Lake Erie and biologically-based harvest limits there range from 9 to 15 million pounds annually.  Yellow perch are native to the Great Lakes and the upper Midwest portion of the United States and sustain themselves soley through natural reproduction.   They were historically used in Friday night fish fries around the Great Lakes basin, but in many restaurants they have been replaced by “zander" which is caught in eastern Europe and Russia.  Yellow perch are typically pan or deep-fried, but some of our customers cook them on their “George Foreman Grill” or cook them in foil and butter on the grill.

Chinook salmon we sell are only caught during August and September in northern Lake Huron’s St. Martin Bay.  Chinooks have begun naturally reproducing in tributaries to the Great Lakes and their populations are at least 50% wild fish now.  Individual fish average 10 pounds in weight, so each fillet weighs 2 to 4 pounds.   Since most people do not to eat a large salmon fillet, the fillets are cut into more manageable 1-pound chunks that make a perfect meal for two people.

Lake herring or cisco are a member of the whitefish family and they look like lake whitefish. The herring we sell are caught in northern Lake Huron and Whitefish Bay, Lake Superior.  Great Lakes lake herring are not the same as the herring from the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans, but they too can be pickled in wine or cream sauce, or just grilled, broiled, baked, pan fried, or deep fried. 

Caviar we sell is "Red" salmon and trout and "Golden" whitefish.  All our caviar is made from the eggs of wild-caught Chinook salmon, lake trout, and lake whitefish only when the eggs have sufficient cellular strength.  The eggs are cleaned, rinsed, and lightly salted, then packed into 1/2-kilogram & 1-kilogram containers.  Red salmon caviar is usually ready by late August and available through mid to late September.  Lake trout caviar is available from late September through late October, and golden whitefish caviar is available from late September through November.

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